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Building Wooden Porch Swings

The perfect end to a beautiful day is a relaxing swing on your porch to enjoy the sunset or watch the kids play outdoors. It’s also great when you want to take a moment to relax comfortably. Building your own wooden porch swings is not that difficult when you take the time to build a swing that complements your home and porch during external activities or use

Easy Wooden Swing Bench

Easy Wooden Swing Bench

You need:

12 Inspiration Gallery from Building Wooden Porch Swings

Image of: Wood Porch Swings
Image of: Vintage Wooden Swing Bench
Image of: Unusual Wooden Swing
Image of: Unique Wooden Swing
Image of: System Wooden Porch Swings
Image of: Stand Wooden Swing
Image of: Simple Wooden Porch Swings
Image of: Review Wooden Swing
Image of: Original Wooden Swing
Image of: Modern Wooden Swing Bench
Image of: Innovative Wooden Swing Bench
Image of: Easy Wooden Swing Bench

Cut 4 treated wood studs so that they are all of the same length. Be sure to check the lengths because, when you buy porch swings from the wood shop, they can have variations in each part, so you have to make a cut to keep all these studs the same length. Place the boreholes 6 inches in from each end, and walk through the side of the studs until the lag bolt can be inserted into the hole and you can tighten the four pieces.

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Drill holes in each corner of the wood porch swings now that the 4 stables are connected to a place with lag bolts. Now, drill holes in the top of the four corners of your swing seat. These holes will get the fiber rope that will lift the swing from the porch ceiling. After holes are drilled, insert the rope through the hole and create a large knot on the underside of the swing seat for each end of the rope you place through the holes. Be sure to find safe points for screwing these fasteners. Always look for studs to secure turning on. Look for overlay beams, which will be 2-inch with 6-inch discs as on their side.

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